Dinner at Casa Mia, Dumfries

Casa Mia was the first stop on our foodie tour of Dumfries & Galloway, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Thinking about it, the last time I had such a delicious meal was probably at the Three Chimneys on Skye (about two years ago!) So good food and good service was long overdue.

Casa Mia 001

We each took a while deliberating over the huge menu (an A4 sheet of starters is always a challenge) but once we’d decided, it didn’t take long for the food to arrive. For my entrée, I’d chosen the warm salad of bacon, black pudding and chorizo with a soft poached egg. The egg was gigantic, cooked to perfection, no vinegary sogginess in sight. Around the table, my fellow dinners ooh-ed and ah-ed at their food.

Casa Mia 002

We were served a citrus sorbet with balsamic reduction to ‘cleanse the palette’ between courses, which was a nice touch. The mains were similarly impressive, with the parma ham wrapped monkfish tail taking top honours for presentation. I’d gone for the seared fillet of sea bass on minted new potatoes.

Casa Mia 003

The portion sizes were ginormous: there were two fillets of fish on my plate and another diner had two chicken breasts squashed on top of her paella. I’d be interested to know if portions were constantly that large, or whether our links with Visit Scotland had something to do with the amount of food we were given. Yet again though, perfection!

Casa Mia 004

Dessert is always my favourite part of a meal, but more for the artistry of the presentation than any sweet tooth! Waitresses balanced chocolate brownies, pavlovas, sticky toffee puddings, dessert trios on their arms; one deposited a crème brûlée by my side. Past the crunchy shell of caramelised sugar, the custard was mixed with passion fruit and mandarin segments. It was a fresh but rich way to conclude the meal.

Casa Mia 005

I would definitely recommend Casa Mia — not only was the food great, but the service was speedy and efficient. Looking for more places to eat in Dumfries & Galloway? Have a look at my choice of cafés and coffee shops here.

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