Why a Fitbit should be on your wish list

Well, I hadn’t.

I have never in my life thought about getting a pedometer. Because, you see, I’ve got a track record. My Fitness Pal was a short lived relationship (I got bored). I had a few flings with yoga and box fit at the gym (and then the bank balance got jealous). And there was that summer romance with the mountain bike (that ended when the weather turned grey).

So I’d never heard of Fitbit when I opened the rectangular box last Christmas. But it was surprisingly easy to set up and start wearing. The Flex comes with the tracker (a tiny thing the size of a brazil nut), two plastic wristbands (one big, one small), a charger and a USB dongle. Once you’ve set up an account and synced the tracker using the dongle, you’re ready to go.

The Flex is good because it’s not huge and clumpy. It’s thinner than a watch and unless someone was very observant, they probably wouldn’t think it’s anything more than a bizarre bracelet. Tap on the wristband, and the Flex will show you how far you’ve attained your daily goal by percentage (in dots; for example two flashing dots is 4,000 steps of my 10,000 step daily goal).

One thing I love about the Fitbit is that it logs my sleep. Even if I forget to put it into sleep mode at night (by rapidly tapping the wristband) I can enter my unconscious hours the next day via the online dashboard. The tracker will tell you how many times you were awake and how often you were ‘restless’. I’m clocking an average of nine hours of snoozing each night. And even better? You can set the Fitbit Flex to wake you up in the morning with a silent, vibrating alarm.


Over the festive period, I’ve not been accumulating many steps (most of my exercise involves indoor biking). Now that I’m back at the day job, it’ll be interesting to see how much more movement I can cram into a day.

Have you got a Fitbit or pedometer? What do you think of it?



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