Falling in love in the Highlands

Inverness is special to me for one single reason (forgetting the scenery, the stillness, the pure Scottishness of the place). This cold Highland city was the place where, almost three years ago to the day, I realised I liked my best friend… rather more than a friend should.

We paid our annual visit there last week. The same magic was in the air: it’s that chill, the cold quiet enveloping the city which seems surrounded on all sides by hills and winding streams.

Inverness will always remain part of me. Whenever I go back there, wandering along the riverside paths of Ness Islands, searching the town centre for a coffee shop, or admiring the snow-capped hills of its wintery backdrop, I remember that feeling. It was a delicious warmth, even in the frost of a Scottish Hogmanay.

I’ve spent three years with my best friend. Here’s to many more, and to endless returns to the heart of the Highlands.

Sláinte! Best wishes for 2015 to friends, family and fellow dreamers.

All images taken on a Sony Xperia and processed with VSCOcam (HB1 preset). See my photo journal for more.

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