Christmas at Ardardan Estate, Cardross

We have the same debate every year: when is it appropriate to bring out the Christmas clobber? Walk through any residential area in Scotland and you’ll see some intrepid homeowner displaying the first lines of tinsel and fluorescence in early December; others peer from behind their curtains and only get the trinkets out on Christmas Eve. Shops though, have a trickier decision. September is clearly too soon, but November a bit too late. Do they wait until Halloween’s over, or do they seize the initiative and take the tumble?


It’s nowhere near a tumble for Ardardan. Well, unless the tumble is a gloriously festive fall into lights, snowflakes and garlands; all those little extras that make the season feel so cosy. At the end of October, the riverside café, farm shop and garden centre near Helensburgh opened its offshoot Christmas shop. Don’t panic: there’s no sign of overhasty festivity in the deli and plant nursery. Quite perfectly, the yuletide creations are crammed into a deliciously-scented corner off the glasshouse (yes, it even smells of Christmas!)


Along with baubles, garlands, fairy lights and ornaments, there are numerous present ideas for the more organised shopper. Choose from local Lomond Soaps sets (surely the Winter Spice bar deserves a blog post all to itself…?) a selection of Just Slate giftware, plus some quaint stationary and books. Children will have fun testing the music boxes, looking at the storybooks and assuring you that it’s never too cold for ice cream. Really, it’s not!


If the Christmas shop isn’t enough to tempt you, there’s the popular tearoom, deli and cheese counters to sample. Over the next few months, the team are planning to host several events for food lovers and festive shoppers alike, so keep a wee eye on their Facebook page for updates. You don’t want to be the person that misses the poultry ordering deadline… A speedy last-minute trip to the supermarket before Santa arrives is never good for the nerves.


Find more information and opening times on the Ardardan website or via Facebook (open every day except Monday). And for a sneaky peek of the menu, you can click right here!

2 thoughts on “Christmas at Ardardan Estate, Cardross

  1. Thank you for name checking Lomond Soap, uber local to Ardardan! Whilst I value all my stockists, I love my local ones because I really get to know them, they get to know me, we have a relationship..that’s important to a small business. Thank you Ardardan!

    1. Totally, agree, it’s great that Ardardan have local produce in their shop and so important that local businesspeople support each other. Lovely to see! And Corrie, how could I not name check?! Your soaps smell absolutely amazing. I am going to have to stock up on Winter Spice! By the way, was thinking of doing a wee article on your business. Could you drop me an email on if an interview and/or visit to the shop was possible? I see it’s closed at the moment but would love to find out more about what you do and take a few photos and write about your story of course! x

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