On my bookshelf: 3 for dark nights

To me, there is nothing more self-indulgent and introspective than reading. It’s a selfish and complete escape. It has nothing to do with work, no bearing on my blog (which, really, is another form of work) nor does it involve other people and their unpredictable behaviour (I say this flippantly, of course). It’s just you, paper, words, and pure imagination. As we come into autumn, … Continue reading On my bookshelf: 3 for dark nights


A short break in the Scottish Borders

When I was younger, we used to spend a fair bit of time in the Borders. I remember waking up to chilled windows, icy ditches down Kelso fields and trees hidden under frozen fog, back in those days when the October holidays were actually cold. It felt like you could be walking onto the set of Little Women, so suspended in another era were these tiny towns on the … Continue reading A short break in the Scottish Borders


CIPR talk: How to work with bloggers

Recently my fellow Scotlander Nicola was asked to speak at a Chartered Institute of Public Relations event in Edinburgh… And she asked Patricia and I to be her sidekicks for the night. The CIPR Scotland talk was titled ‘Social in the City’, and its main aim was to give Scottish PR professionals more information about how to work with bloggers and Instagrammers. We were joined by local Instagram … Continue reading CIPR talk: How to work with bloggers


Goodbye, Edinburgh Festivals!

After weeks of buzz, book signings, bizarre theatre and big personalities, the Edinburgh Festivals have let their curtain finally fall. The city has returned to relative normality: the New Town shopping streets’ lunchtime rush now consists of bleary-eyed office workers emerging from their August hibernation; the little that’s left of the Festivals is just flotsam in the centre of George Street. This year’s events will have … Continue reading Goodbye, Edinburgh Festivals!


Exploring East Lothian: Tantallon Castle

Standing on the edge of East Lothian — with golden fields to your back, the Bass Rock ahead of you, and slim Fife on the horizon — you can almost imagine that this landscape has barely changed in centuries. Aside from the new roads and oil rigs floating out at sea, there’s one part of this rocky coastline which has seen its fair share of gunfire, rivalry and … Continue reading Exploring East Lothian: Tantallon Castle


A postcard from… Arisaig

When you tell folk that you are spending the summer in Scotland, they frequently utter that ‘oh right’ or ‘hmmm’ murmur that basically translates as, ‘Good luck with the weather.’ However, when you manage to sneak in that you’re actually heading to Arisaig, they nod and know exactly why. If you have ever visited the isolated west coast village of Arisaig, you’ll have fallen in love. … Continue reading A postcard from… Arisaig