A picnic at Ardmore Point, Helensburgh

This might be the closest to insta-blogging I’ve ever come (can we make this a thing?). Returning to the west coast last night in a blur of service stations and neighbouring vehicles, the sun rose again on another beautiful May day this morning. We’d left Edinburgh behind and the constant pollution — both noise and traffic — had dissolved into quiet village life. I love … Continue reading A picnic at Ardmore Point, Helensburgh


Exploring Edinburgh: Salisbury Crags

Back at the start of the year — after about 4 months in Edinburgh, shocking! — we finally got up Arthur’s Seat, the dormant volcano which gazes out at the city. And to be honest? I was a bit underwhelmed. Although the view from the top was amazing, the summit was so crammed with visitors talking and taking selfies that it was a tad distracting. … Continue reading Exploring Edinburgh: Salisbury Crags


Life lately: April

How the hell is it May already? I mean, the last I checked it was February… With work and the wild weather recently, I’ve barely clocked time’s passing. Regardless of the blur in which it’s flown by, April has been a good month. We’ve seen more of Scotland, we’ve explored Edinburgh, we’ve ticked off the city’s touristy stuff. And summer is truly on its way now. … Continue reading Life lately: April


How to spend a day on Gigha

It would be fair to say that Gigha might not be at the top of your ‘Scottish Islands to Visit’ list. It’s one of the smaller, understated and less tourist-friendly dots on our coastline and — with just over five square miles of fertile land to explore — you could quite easily tick it off in a day. Which is exactly why you should. Gigha … Continue reading How to spend a day on Gigha


A short and sweet walk in the Trossachs

I love the Trossachs. Sitting north-east of Loch Lomond — about an hour from Glasgow — it’s a range of rolling hills, hidden lochs and cute cottages on the waterfront. It’s one of those ‘places of my childhood’. Do you know the ones I mean? Those hideaways you always feel safe in, that bring back fuzzy memories of sitting in the backseat of the car … Continue reading A short and sweet walk in the Trossachs