I’m a writer based in and inspired by Scotland.

I grew up in a village on the west coast and now live between the sea and countryside in Fife. Here I share words and pictures about slower travel, Scotland, and switching off in the age of social media. Welcome to my quiet corner of the internet.

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Hashtag Scotland: Behind the lens at two of Scotland’s most popular places

The next blog in this series is finally here! Apologies for the delay — I got a bit distracted by summer weather and cycling the Fife Coastal Path. Anyway… In the introductory blog to the #HashtagScotland project, I mentioned that the writing I’d shared around social media and travel back in 2018 had led me toContinue reading “Hashtag Scotland: Behind the lens at two of Scotland’s most popular places”

A postcard from… Lochaber, and some thoughts on slow travel

The first few days it rained almost solidly. Between cups of tea and chocolate-sunk biscuits, we turned pages of books as the raindrops tapped the caravan windows. Reading Kathleen Jamie’s Findings, I imagined myself in an alternative weather reality hoping that, in a few days, I’d be able to get outside and note all the intricacies ofContinue reading “A postcard from… Lochaber, and some thoughts on slow travel”

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Why slow travel could be here to stay

Every evening this spring was the same. We’d shut our laptops, lace our boots, and climb the small and unremarkable hill behind our home. 

During those wanders, I remember reflecting many times on the perverse paradox — that what I’d been writing about for so long, slower travel, was now happening on a mass scale, albeit for entirely different reasons…

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