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Hidden Scotland magazine: Could Slow Travel Be Here to Stay?

The pandemic has turned travel as we knew it upside down. Could slow travel offer answers to how we explore in the months ahead? My editorial for the brand’s first print magazine sits alongside photography by Fran Mart.

Fen and Field magazine interview: The Art of Slow Travel

Interviewed for issue two of the magazine, I spoke about authenticity online, the Scotland we see on social media, and why I advocate for slower travel. Image from Fen and Field’s Instagram feed.

Blog and video series: The Hashtag Scotland project

How is social media changing the way we travel in Scotland and beyond? I partnered with tour guide Nicolas Loisel to answer this question, creating a series of thought-provoking blogs and video content.

What the term ‘slow travel’ means to me

I was asked at the start of the year to give a definition of slow travel to accompany an article. My definition is for a world where our phones are forever in our pockets.

I am a slow travel writer based in Scotland.

My work roughly centres on three themes: slower travel, digital minimalism, and Scotland. I’m particularly interested in exploring how social media is changing the way we experience places, and the importance of nature in modern life.

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